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Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2014 (Volume-25, Issue-II)

Volume-25 & Issue-II  [Download Journal]
Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of Scale to Measure Attitude of the Farmers towards Drip Irrigated Banana Cultivation, by - Krunal Gulkari and N. B. Chauhan
2 Correlate of Socio-Techno Economic Changes at Rehabilitated Place of Project Affected Farmers, by - Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure and V. V. Mayani
3 Constraints Perceived by the Farmers in Preparation of Vermicompost, by - A.C.Vaidya, A.R.Macwan and D. D. Patel
4 Problems Faced by Vegetable Growers in Using Pesticides, by - Hiralal Jana, R. K. Kole and D. Basu
5 Perception of PG Students About Educational Environment of Anand Agricultural University, by - Sunil R. Patel and H. C. Parmar
6 Attitude, Knowledge and Adoption Level of Dairy Farm Women Towards Dairy Farming, by - R.N. Patel, V.T. Patel and M. R. Prajapati
7 Formulation of Supplementary Mix Using Minor Millet and Its Sensory Evaluation, by - M. R. Prajapati, K.B. Kamaliya, H. H. Chawda
8 Critical Evaluation of Gujarat State Agricultural Universities Web Portals, by - R.S.Parmar, D.R. Kathiriya and M.P.Raj
9 Knowledge and Attitude of Farmers Regarding Biofertilizers, by - D.K. Magarvadiya and V.T. Patel
10 Awareness of Farmers Regarding Organic farming, by - J.K. Patel, V.T. Patel and M. R. Prajapati
11 Development of Scale to Measure Attitude of Rural Youth Towards Agriculture as an Occupation, by - Dweep B. Ramjiyani, Sunil R. Patel and K. L. Chaudhary
12 Impact of Front Line Demonstrations in Transfer of Sesamum Production Technology, by - A. K. Rai, S. Khajuria and Kanak Lata
13 Development of Scale to Measure Attitude of Demonstrated Paddy Growers Towards the SRI Technique, by - Pravin Y. Borole, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
14 Adoption of Clean Milk Production Practices by Dairy Farm Women, by - Yogesh Gade, Arun Patel and Hemant Borate
15 Assessment of Training Needs of Farm Women, by - S.P.Pandya, M. R. Prajapati and K. P. Thakar
16 Knowledge and Adoption of Tomato Growers About Improved Tomato production Technology, by - Sandeep Yadav, R. R. Prajapati and M.R.Prajapati
17 Motivational Sources and Knowledge of Farmers in Adoption of Drip Irrigation System, by - Surbhi Gauttam, K. A. Thakkar and Sushi Suthar
18 Farm Women Participation in Vermicompost Production, by - R.M.Naik and B.M.Tandel
19 Technological Gap Analysis in Adoption of Groundnut-Pigeonpea Inter-Relay Cropping System, by - G. R. Gohil, J. G. Markana, B. N. Kalsariya
20 Opinion of Farmers About Information of Animal Husbandry Practices Given During Krishi Mahotsav, by - Arti N. Soni , Dipal N. Soni and H. B.Patel
21 Standardization and Nutritional Evaluation of Health Bar, by - K. B. Kamaliya, D. H. Patel and M. R. Prajapati
22 Correlates of Adoption of Recommended Groundnut Pigeonpea Inter-Relay Crop Production Technology by Farmers, by - G. R. Gohil, B. N. Kalsariya and J. G. Markana
23 Technological Gap in Adoption of Recommended Maize Seed Production Practices by the Maize Seed Producers, by - B.S. Patel, U.M. Patel and K.V. Chaudhary
24 Gain in Knowledge of Jaljivan Farm Magazine Subscriber Farmers, by - Sunny Jani, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
25 Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on the Yield of Cumin, by - K. N. Sondarva, R. M. Parmar and P. J. Jaiswal
26 Technology Utilization Behaviour of Paddy Growers, by - H.N.Maheriya, R.C.Patel and J.B.Patel
27 Opinon and Usefulness of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Perceived by Groundnut Growers, by - J.R. Patel and R.N. Patel
28 Constraints Faced by Farmers in Adoption of Turmeric Production Technology, by - Dipika D. Aglawe, M. Lairenlakpam and D. S. Kokate
29 Usefulness of Information About Cotton Production Practices Given During Krishi Mahotsav, by - Arti N. Soni , H. B.Patel and N.V.Soni
30 Participation of Farm Women in Animal Husbandry Activities, by - Heli Raval, J.B. Patel and B. M. Patel
31 Identification of Dryland Farming Systems Adopted by Dryland Farmers, by - Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure and N.Y. Said
32 Technological Gap in Adoption of Sugarcane Cultivation Practices by Sugarcane Growers, by - A.G.Patel and H.U.Vyas

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