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Best Extension Professional Award

(FROM: APRIL - 2018)
Year Name of Professor Designation, Department & University
Year - 2019
2019 Dr. K. F. Patel Former Director of Extension Education, AAU, Anand
Year - 2018
2018 Dr. B. T. Patel Former Director of Extension Education, GAU, Sardarkrushinagar
2018 Dr. V. V. Mayani Former Professor and Head, Dept. of Extension Education, BACA, AAU, Anand
2018 Dr. J. C. Trivedi Former Director, Extension Education Institute, GAU, Anand
2018 Dr. R. B. Patel Former Director of Extenison Education, NAU, Navsari
2018 Dr. M. C. Soni Foremer Director of Extension Education, SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar

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